Freedom of Teenager Essay

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On Sep 19, 2012, the polices captured Lindsay Lohan at Dream hotel in New York City. She hit a walker outside hotel even she drove in slow speed. Lindsay Lohan called Lilo is not only a star of US entertainment but also around the world. Watching her movies, the audiences had loved her when she was a little girl. She was successful in her career and took a lot of certified gold. In contrast, recently she is known with lots of scandals such as car accidents, an addicter, and a lesbian with a female collaborator – Sam Ronson. These scandals begin when she was 18 years old. As Lindsay, teenagers in US had actions similarly with her.

A large part of teenager community like flowing the dissolute life, and its results are abortion, addiction, gangsters and murder. Due to a wrong education, many teenagers fall out of society. Too much freedom and money are cause to make the perverse life more disseminated in community. Not intervening children’s private life, Parents let them to decide everything by themselves when they are 18 years old. Why? Have their kids enough experiences to decide everything? Especially, the teenagers have sexual relationship as young as a sapling , and its results are considerable . Moreover, the way to educate teenager of some parents might be wrong.

They don’t pay attention for kids. No worrying about kids, parents only focus on working and earn money. They are giving them too much money and teaching children how to use wastefully money as soon as they are a kid . Sometime parent doesn’t know whatever their babies are doing even the children aren’t at house in long time because their all the time to be sent for working. All these will cast a big effect in the society which results in immorality. Behiding all these causes bring damage considerably for the life of teenagers. Pregnant and abortion are evidence to easily show us about the dissolute of teenagers.

Having sexual relationship early, pregnant at 16 ages they can’t avoid. According, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy said that 750,000 teen pregnant. What will happen for young mothers? Drop out the school and the future is a zero. As the result, their mind is declined and cannot focus on studying. A lot of student stops studying and star working to earn money. Day by day, more and more people don’t have knowledge, so what will happen in the world? Worse, becoming gangsters in society, students on the street associating with a gang of youths wasting their precious time, smoking and saying swear words. For example, A student shoot at Ohio school by T.J. lane who is a shooter, and one person died.

The society will have more dangers to become where is dangerous for people. When the teenager can’t control themselves and they don’t care whatever people around them think or feel, they will kill or hurt someone. Many murders, violations and stealing usually happen. Every day, Violence of teenager is over 80% on all the US. In short, the consequences of over freedom of teenager are so serious. Both society and their-self will be destroyed soon. Being an owner of the world, teenager must be grown up in the best environment. Good education, a limit interest, and good parent are main factors to make good affections or bad on teenagers.

The responsibility is not only belong government but also is parent. So let’s think about what the adult did which affects too much to teenager’s living style. I’m also a teenager and met lots of American family. I think parent pampered children too much, accept whatever kids want. It is not necessary to teenager who needs to be training in paragon of framework. Finally, freedom is a good thing, but everything always has two faces, well and bad, depend on your mind and your heart. “No fire, no smoke”