Communication Plan Example Essay

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Description of project

The Denver International Airport (DIA) Project was created to handle the projected increase in passenger travel, due to the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. The DIA project would consist of improved airfield configuration, international facilities and efficiency in operation of regional airspace and terminal layout, reduction in noise impact, and new baggage handling and communications systems. This anticipated $1.2 billion conversion project turned out to be a $5 billion ordeal. Improper project management appeared to be the underlying cause of this costly project. The City of Denver appointed two companies, referred to herein as the project management team (PMT) to manage the DIA project. However, beginning with the selection of the architects, the PMT relinquished control by failing to maintain the City’s goals and objectives.

Project Scope
Provide the scope of the project

The scope of the DIA was to replace Denver’s Stapleton Airport with a new runway and baggage handling system to serve the needs of the growing air travels through it city which would satisfy its needs for at least 50-60 years with an initial estimate of $1.2 billion agreed upon by Denver Mayor Federico Pena and Adams County officials in 1985. The project benefits included: Improved airfield configuration;

Improved efficiency in the operations of its regional airspace; Improved and efficient terminal/concourse layout;
Improved international facilities;
Significant expansion capability; and
Enhanced efficiency of airline operations.

Communication Plan
Purpose: what is the purpose of the communications plan

The purpose of the communications plan is to guarantee that all parties involved in the project are communicating in an efficient and timely fashion. The plan states the audience involved, as well as the type of vehicle of communication vehicle and frequency, medium, source, task responsibilities, sensitivities, lessons learned, expected results, historical information, and closing statements. Prioritizing and organizing skills are essential elements to a communication plan in order to disseminate information in accordance with the project’s timeline to meet its goals and objectives. The project stakeholders are:

City of Denver
Greiner/MKE Engineering
New Orleans Architectural Firm
Continental Airlines
United Airlines
Communication Plan

Scope: Why a communication plan and what it does for the project The communication plan is essential to the DIA project because it fosters accountability to the stakeholders for effective communication regarding the work that needs to be completed according to the approved deadline and costs to complete the project. Effective communication includes the method in which the information will be delivered, details about the timeline of events and any unforeseen circumstances with remedies for modification and approval.

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