Adolescent Period Essay

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At many points in life, one can wonder if it can get any harder, but at what stage is life truly at its hardest. There four main stages in life are childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. At what point in life can one make something spectacular of his life, or lose it all. There are times where excess amounts of stress can cause problems, or lead people to their own problems such as alcohol. Where is the stage where one can face the most stress, the most challenges and still be undergoing many physical changes at the same time?

Adolescence is considered by many to be the most fun years of our lives, yet it is also the time where we can face to most stress and our decisions during this time can affect us for the rest of our lives. One of the toughest things about adolescence is the pressure one may face during this crucial stage of life. The pressure to succeed may come in many different forms, or even many different people. One could pressure themselves to do get straight A’s in school, or their own family could be the culprits of the excess pressure.

While a little bit of pressure may be good, too much of it can cause stress on teenagers that are already stressed out from all of the changes they have to face. There was a parent who tried to strangle his son’s hockey coach because his son wasn’t getting enough ice time. What is a thirteen year old kid supposed to do at their next practice? Even if a teenager is succeeding at a high level in sports, they may only be doing it to please their parents. Many teenagers do things that they do not appreciate just to please their parents because they feel pressured to do so.

All this excess pressure can cause someone to be stressed out. This stress can cause one to not live up to their own expectations, never mind their parents own expectations of them. This is the stage where you have the potential to live up to your own expectations, or ruin your own goals. There are many challenges one can face as they go through high school. One can fail to achieve the marks necessary to move on to the post-secondary college they want for themselves. Your pathway may be derailed by factors such as drugs or alcohol.

Almost all teenage kids get faced with peer pressure to fit in and have a drink or smoke a joint, but these are things that can affect your future. If one gets addicted to drugs, they will have a steep mountain to climb to get to where they want to be. Within the few short years of adolescence, one can exceed their own expectations or set themselves up for failure in the future. One of the most difficult parts of adolescence is when one wants to be treated like an adult, but they get no respect from their parents.

Some parents act as if their teenage kids are inferior to them, and treat them as if they are children. The teenagers think of themselves as adults who are equal to their parents, so when those parents treat them like children, they act out. The teenagers want more control in their life, even if they are not ready to handle that load. One of the biggest arguments might be about curfews. Parents want their child to be safe, but the teenager wants to do what they want even if it is not the best thing ever.

This can often cause rifts between the parents and their teenager, which is another reason for stress during “the best years of our lives” All of the excess stress that is placed upon one person during this crucial time during adolescence makes teenagers deal with much more than they are capable with. The decisions we make can affect us for years to come, even if we do not think they will. Teenagers are expected to achieve high marks, compete in sports and sometimes work a job on top of that.

This causes boatloads of stress on one person, and they are not ready for it. Sometimes ones only goal in high school is to fit in, so one will do anything even if it is harmful to their future. If one does not fit in, they may face challenges such as suicide or drugs, but they will not ask for help from their family. The biggest reason adolescence is the hardest stage in life is because of the sheer amount of change one faces as they transition between childhood and maturity.